The Man I Love is a fan-made visual novel starring Eren and Levi from the anime series Attack on Titan.

There are currently some bugs in the game that I'm working to solve. Also, the game cannot be played in Firefox.

I created this VN as a surprise for my friend Daya's birthday. I was planning to add more but ran out of time. I did enjoy working on this project, so a sequel is expected!

This game is an adaptation of the fan fiction written by killthemtitans (Kyla). If you enjoyed it, please take a look at her other works :)

I do not own the characters, art or story.
Tyranobuilder is the engine I used to develop this game.


TheManILoveWindows.zip 204 MB


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it keeps crashing

this thing doesnt work, i tried on microsoft, laptop, chromebook, mac, and mobile. this isnt working


it doesnt let me play on the game

ok i totally love this pairing but why oh why i can't play it?! whenever i'm going to start the game it's kinda ok but when i'm really going to play - picking options - I'M STUCK! IT WON'T LOAD AT ALL. please tell me, how to solve this issue T.T this visual novel is totally intriguing . i wanna know how it will end T.T

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Ok, how should I say this. The menu of the game is nice and I have an issue that end up me unable to play this game. Since I'm on mac I use the website and everything's is alright until I get into the game. Some text just speed up and went to the next one without any chance for me to read. After I choose the first decision it gave me, the whole game just went crazy. The text sped up and kinda end up crashed the game. I did tried few times again but it end in the same result. Is there's any ways you can fix it?


aaaaaa why can't it be for mac, too?? ;-;

what do you mean? i have a mac and it works perfectly fin

It doesn't work for me on Chrome or Safari on Mac. The text goes nuts and so fast that it's impossible to read. Then after a few frames, it freezes. Confirmed on both browsers to have the same behaviour.


Oh yes